Triple Event Weekend: Decklists, Reports, and Pictures!

In one weekend I’ve played more Magic than I have in the past two months, and it feels goooood.  Three days, three tournaments, and three different decks, and I want to recap those events with you guys! Read More


Budget Legacy Decks // Part 2

Welome to the second part of the Budget Legacy deck article series I started last week!  We’re now in a much nicer place, thanks to Ryan Grebe, and I’m excited to bring you approximately an article a week about my favorite subject – Magic!
Before we get in to the meat, here’s a link to last week’s article (Budget Legacy Decks // Part 1).
To rehash, here are some quick tips for your Legacy decks on a budget:

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Budget Legacy Decks // Part 1

Ah… Legacy. What a sweet format!? After the dual Legacy Grand Prix weekend, all I’ve wanted to talk about, play, and watch is more Legacy action! The format is just cost prohibitive, and who can really afford these $1,500 – $3,000 decks…? Well, what if we could bring that barrier to entry down a bit? This article series focus is to put some deck lists in front of you that are far cheaper than the $1K+ price tag you associate with Legacy, and help you get in to the format!! Read More